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Home Insurance FAQ’S
Home Insurance FAQ How can I reduce my home insurance premium? Many factors are used to determine your insurance premium. Below are some factors that you can control to help reduce your prices: Choose higher deductible amounts Keep your Home and Auto insurance with the same company Keep your home maintenance up to date Purchase a burglar and fire alarm for your home Check your smoke alarm batteries every 6 months Purchase a fire extinguisher and keep it updated yearly Make sure all exterior doors have dead-bolt locks Purchase a hail-resistant roof with a 40 or 50 year guarantee Be careful when filing a claim (Be sure to consult with your agent if you aren’t sure you want to file a claim) How can I protect my valuables (Jewelry, Firearms, Collectibles and Artwork)? Your agent will gladly schedule expensive items on your homeowner’s or renter’s policy. This will provide you with increased protection for valuable or irreplaceable property. Why would I want coverage on my Condo, isn’t that covered by my HOA? Most HOA policies do not cover the interior of their units, including wall finishing, light fixtures, appliances, carpeting, and even cabinets and sinks. Without an individual Condo policy, a serious loss could cost you tens of thousands. Why would I want “Flood Insurance?” I don’t live by the ocean. More than 50 percent of flood claims occur in areas considered to have a low flood exposure. Even if your home is not in a flood plain, your home could suffer flood damage and Homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover flood damage. Ask your agent today for a quote!
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